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Flower container

Design: Hangar Design Group

Material: made of recyclable steel.
Colours: in two standard colours.
Flower containerFlower containerFlower containerFlower containerFlower container


Created by Dieffebi’s invaluable experience in the containers sector, the DotBox modular system lends itself to infinite horizontal or vertical compositions. This flexibility allows it to be used in countless situations: from open space environments, where it lends itself to subdividing areas and organizing different areas, to smaller spaces, for a variety of uses. The high quality production and the finishing levels, both front, side and rear, make these containers the true protagonists of space, while their robust metal construction guarantees a long lasting durability.


  • Unit with air device Itair 800x410xH 400 mm
  • Unit with air and music devices Itair 800x410xH 400 mm
  • Unit with two air devices Itair 800x410xH 400 mm
  • Unit with two air and music devices Itair 800x410xH 400 mm
  • Flower container 800x410xH 180 mm

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Flower container

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