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Primo Tex

Designer: 967Arch

Structure material: metal
Doors material: Finsa wood
Customizable colors on request subject to availability and with a surcharge.
Primo TexPrimo TexPrimo Tex

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Positive OfficePositive OfficePositive Office


Primo Tex represents the union between two worlds: metal, a characteristic of Dieffebi products and offices in general due to its high performance and durability, and wood from Finsa, a warmer and more homely material. 967Arch have proposed bringing these different cultures and companies together. “It’s an innovative product”, Chichi tells us, “whose potential has scarcely been exploited or explored. The effect we wanted to create was to juxtapose the materiality of a through-coloured wood fibre compound with metal to create an interplay of contrasts and balance in the material perception.”


  • Hinged door cabinet with feet 1000x450x720 mm
  • Hinged door cabinet with feet 1000x450x1170 mm
  • Hinged door cabinet with feet 1000x450x1330 mm
  • Hinged door cabinet with base 1000x450x840 mm
  • Hinged door cabinet with base 1000x450x1290 mm
  • Hinged door cabinet with base 1000x450x1450 mm

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Primo Tex

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