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News | 29 June 2020

Treviso’s Città Giardino library

Treviso’s Città Giardino library
NL | 09 2020

timeless solutions
NL | 09 2020

The site for the renovated library has been opened after lengthy restoration work involving the entire architectural complex it occupies.
Drawing its inspiration from British public libraries, Treviso’s library is housed in the former GIL building. This architectural work built in 1933 as “Casa del Balilla” to a design by engineer Pietro Motta, and now renamed Biblioteca di Città Giardino, provides a space where you can stop by and read the newspaper or choose from the latest new book releases. The entire furnishing system has been created by Dieffebi respecting the wishes of the local authorities, who wanted a light and airy, inclusive space open to the citizenry that would provide additional university facilities in Treviso and feature a state-of-the-art IT system. 

A Rationalist-Classicist gem 
“Casa del Balilla”, built onto an earlier construction from the late 1800s, completed the urbanisation of “Città Giardino”, which took place during the 1920s. It was a centre for Fascist youth recreational and sporting activities. The south wing (the present-day library) was used as a gym, the north wing was the cinema-cum-theatre, while the area to the rear (currently the car park) was set aside for large performances and cadet training drills. The building – then entitled “Gioventù Italiana del Littorio”, GIL for short – represents the city’s most important testimony of the Rationalist-Classicist architecture typical of the period. It is characterised by an imposing atrium-pronaos, which connects two symmetrical buildings sporting large arched windows. 

State-of-the-art computer technology and comfortable spaces 
With a seating capacity of two hundred, 31 computer workstations and nine thousand books available for people to use, Treviso Library provides an excellent local service for this city in the Veneto.
The facility’s space, which is organised using Dieffebi fittings and furnishings according to customer specifications, envisages an entrance area with information desk, a counter where people can request reference books, a newspaper library with over 250 newspapers and magazines and an area containing 9,000 books for immediate consultation. Upstairs there’s a relaxation room and a hall with a seating capacity of 200. Downstairs there are thirteen computer stations, another eight upstairs and ten in a reserved room.
The building’s upper floors house management and other administrative offices.
Items from the Dieffebi catalogue, which are consistent with the requirements of the public contract sector both in terms of their technical performance and their guarantees of long life, featured in this retrieved space include Trendline Silver lockers, Multiplan tables, bookcases from the contract sector customized on request, Primo storage units and Many computer workstations. 

Treviso Municipality 
Claudio Pizzinato – Dieffebi internal design team
Treviso’s Città Giardino library
Treviso’s Città Giardino library
Treviso’s Città Giardino library
Treviso’s Città Giardino library
Treviso’s Città Giardino library
Treviso’s Città Giardino library
Treviso’s Città Giardino library
Treviso’s Città Giardino library

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