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News | 04 May 2020

We are ready to start over!

We are ready to start over!
NL | 03 2020

We are ready to start over
NL | 03 2020

The Recovery period has begun.
Staggered entry, body temperature measurement upon entrance, room disinfection at least every day, personal protective aquipment in common work areas and distance between workstations. These are the preventive measures laid down, with a view to ensuring worker safety, in the technical document issued by Inail based on the Decree of the President of the Italian Council of Ministers dated 26 April 2020 councerning phase 2 of the Covid-19 emergency. Companies have prepared for the change, they are ready to welcome back employees and collaborators, to organise new work method that also include remote working. Dieffebi is also ready to resume its business activities, in full compliance with current safety regulations. Throughout this break, our creative spirit never faltered. On the contrary, we have plentry of new ideas, developments and projects on workspaces in store for your, wherever tour office is based, and we will tell you about them throught our social channels. Stay tuned!

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