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News | 30 October 2022

5 tips for a modern Eco-Friendly office

5 tips for a modern Eco-Friendly office
The Eco-Friendly office protects the environment and improves the psycho-physical well-being of the people who live in the spaces, but not only.

have also shown increased productivity in more environmentally friendly

Eco-Friendly offices allow for a 26% increase in cognitive functions
and 15% in productivity. *

This is why
we offer 5 tips to make your office green:

1. Recycle
everything you can!

Add separate collection containers to your office that
facilitate collection, guaranteeing a quality design, such as Primo Recycling

2. Use
plants to improve air quality

The presence of plants and natural elements
reduces stress and improves people's well-being. In addition, Dieffebi offers
Itair®, the natural air purification system, which, by exploiting the
technological soul inside the smart container, amplifies the purifying
properties of plants.

3. Improve
lighting, benefiting as much as possible from natural light

Reduce energy
umption and improve people's mood by stimulating their creativity. In fact,
according to a study by Northwestern Medicine, published in the Journal of
Clinical Sleep Medicine, natural light is one of the most important factors for
the synchrony between the brain and the body, which is fundamental for human
health. Inside an open space space, for example, it is possible to use mobile
walls on wheels such as Dolomites and Tidy Wings, which allow you to change the
layout of the office following the daily passage of natural light.

4. Go

In the digital age, reduce the use of paper, simplifying work and
contributing to environmental protection and energy saving. In fact, managing
digital communications is much simpler and faster. Working together around a
meeting table such as the T-Share, equipped with a cable duct for PCs and
smartphones, allows for quick and efficient sharing of information.

5. Choose
furnishing accessories made with eco-sustainable and certified materials

metal comes from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. 
The virtuous circle
of metal is also supported by its durability over time. 

Find out by clicking on
Dieffebi certifications by clicking here

*Fonte: How to make your office more eco-friendly, https://realbusiness.co.uk/, 27 marzo 2021

5 tips for a modern Eco-Friendly office

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