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Corner unit 90°

Tables system integrated with Dot Box Evolution units.
Material: made of recyclable steel.
Colours: in two standard colours.
Suitable for attachment to the cable plinth kit.
Fixed shelf for the tall unit.
Horizontal modularity through side connectors.
Cushion available.
Corner unit 90°Corner unit 90°

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DotBox Evolution is a series of various sized tables, which can be used independently or in combination with the Dieffebi DotBox containers collection, in order to create fully customized workstations. The surfaces can be made in either melamine or metal, with a base frame prearranged for easy passage of cables. The DotBox Evolution series tables is complemented by fabric-coated panels that come in various colours that can divide the workstations, thus creating a stimulating chromatic environment. The lower containers can be equipped with comfortable seat cushions.

Technical specifications

1_DFB_Listino_2022_DotBox-1.pdf (1 Mb)


  • Corner unit 90° 580x410xH 627 mm
  • Corner unit 90° 580x410xH 400 mm
Corner unit 90°

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