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Coplanar sliding door cabinet design Takiro Yuta

Material: made of first quality recyclable steel.
Sliding coplanar doors.
Adjustable metal shelves equipped for hanging files.
Plinth base in anthracite gray with leveling inside.
Customised colours available upon request at extra cost.
Coplanar sliding door cabinet design Takiro Yuta


This version of the Primo Cabinets is equipped with sliding doors and is made with special technical details to ensure the maximum ease of assembly and smoothness when opening and closing. The regulation mechanism on both the cabinet and the doors allows a perfectly calibrated installation even on disjointed floors. They’re also available with a ‘soft- closure’ system for even quieter functioning.

Technical specifications

3_DFB_Listino_2022_Primo.pdf (1 Mb)


  • Coplanar sliding door cabinet, anthracite handle, vertical divider and 4 shelves included (shelf load allowance: 16 binders / 130 hanging files) 1600x450xH 1170 mm
Coplanar sliding door cabinet design Takiro Yuta

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