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News | 15 juin 2020

AkzoNobel antimicrobial powder coatings

AkzoNobel antimicrobial powder coatings
NL | 07 2020

Going beyond the standard provisions
Regulating hygiene in the workplace
NL | 07 2020

In spaces that are gradually returning to work, the health emergency has made sanitisation and daily cleaning of rooms, work areas and communal areas a priority. INAIL for now has issued technical guidelines on the subject, leaving more precise specifics to the individual safety protocols defined for individual sectors. In addition to implementing all the necessary safeguards and introducing sanitisation cycles, bacteriostatic materials greatly enhance the hygiene of shared spaces. 
To comply with its new product hygiene guarantees, Dieffebi has turned to AkzoNobel to source the antimicrobial powder coatings it will be using for the finishes of its metal furnishing products. Over the coming months, collections will be available in the new colours and new bacteriostatic finishes. AkzoNobel products (Interpon AM®, BioCote® certified) – which have undergone contact testing with common sanitising solutions, conducted by the company’s Analysis and Testing Lab (accredited for ISO 17025) in compliance with Standard ASTM D 5402 using a water and alcohol solution and a hypochlorite base – guarantee both outstanding colour fastness and brilliance of surfaces. Even sanitisation does not alter the finish of the powder coated metal surfaces, which may only be jeopardised if rubbed with abrasive cloths. Interpon AM® technology reduces the proliferation of bacteria on treated surfaces. It is effective on over 99% of known bacteria but is not a biocide or medical-surgical device. It is proving to be an effective solution for all applications where enhanced hygiene is required as the products’ main active ingredient (silver ions) is able to inhibit the reproductive capability of most known bacteria. This product from AkzoNobel is the only one with BioCote® certification available on the market today. Now more than ever, it can provide a valuable aid for manufacturers who need to guarantee sufficient performance with regard to the new prevention and hygiene regulations governing public spaces. This represents another step forward in guaranteeing the hygiene of products entering our customers’ workplaces and homes. 
For further information: marketing@dieffebi.com

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