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News | 25 juin 2020

Interview with Dieffebi CEO, Alberto De Zan

Interview with Dieffebi CEO, Alberto De Zan
NL | 08 2020

Full speed ahead,
starting with end customers
NL | 08 2020

The delicate post-Covid stage is leading companies to rethink their products and market requirements, also due to changes in people’s habits and their increased consideration for product quality. And while recovery on some European markets is slow, there is a growing need to get closer to end customers. “We were expecting a more dynamic recovery,” Dieffebi CEO Alberto De Zan tells us. “Our reference markets, such as France, Spain and the UK are still in partial lockdown and recovery is slow. Switzerland and Germany are the most dynamic markets at the moment. East European markets are also active but the local situation with regard to the pandemic is unfortunately getting worse. Anyway, we need to adopt a positive attitude. And create new synergies.” Over the last few months the Company has experimented with new labour dynamics, thanks also to digital technology. “We have implemented everything that digital technology makes available to us today, such as online staff meetings and training. We have kept the Company united. Digital tools have enabled us to maintain strong contact with our sales force, who unfortunately missed out on their crucial trade fair appointments, such as the Salone del Mobile. We certainly have to find alternative tools – which we hope that institutions like Federlegno will also be directing their activities towards – in order to have international visibility. A digital formula for the Salone del Mobile would have been preferable.” More flexible manufacturing, closer to the new requirements of the working world. “Our marketing department is proposing the product in ways that more closely meet the needs of the future worker. Smart working is at the moment sending shockwaves through the office world. Large office spaces are set to change, as are the dynamics and flows of workers, in favour of mixed formulas of office-based and agile working.Products designed for the office will as a result also find use in home settings but they have to be rethought both in terms of their aesthetics, for example through the use of different materials and finishes, and in terms of distribution, which is different for office furniture.” Flexibility of use and new products. “Our manufacturing, which is all internal, enables us to maintain high quality and flexibility in terms of use and performance. We are working with a number of designers on new products that also cater for the needs dictated by smart working. Parallel to this, we are restyling the products in our catalogue in new colours, finishes and combinations of materials and textures to extend their application to other settings beyond the office. This period has definitely emphasised the need to get closer to end customers, understand their needs and inform them directly about product features because consumers are paying more and more attention to what they buy.”

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