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Making the most of individuals, creating networks, optimising processes: if the work changes, the office environment adapts. A space therefore centred on the person, with flexible, modular, ergonomic solutions able to create an environment which is favourable to collaboration and sharing resources for a better quality of work and life. The work space moulds itself around this new imperative: rejecting every approval, it becomes friendly, flexible and suitable. In a word, more human.
Alberto De Zan
CEO Dieffebi S.p.A.


Dieffebi is user-oriented.
The work environment is an extension of the people who spend most of their day inside it, their need for functionality and efficiency, but also their desire to live in a comfortable, pleasant and stimulating environment. Dieffebi puts technology and design at the service of users, creating solutions that make it possible to express the potential of space and people; environments in which to feel comfortable and free and carry out work in the ways, times and spaces we want, with comfort and well-being that include all the senses: from noise and reverb reduction to the quality of the indoor atmosphere.


Dieffebi is customization.
Thanks to the modularity of its furnishing systems and the flexibility of its organization, Dieffebi can create customized solutions for each space and function, by providing designers with its expertise and research to jointly define the work space layout, in tune with every operational, aesthetic and budget need. Customization of the products includes a wide range of colour choices and the integration of furnishings with technological systems so as to create stimulating and multifunctional environments.


Dieffebi is modularity.
All Dieffebi products express a modular concept that allows for infinite solutions, in line with the space available, its architectural features, its identity and also the needs of people. Desks, containers and bookcases are not simply conceived as complementary furnishings in a traditional manner, but as tools for designing life and work scenarios, while adapting to a wide variety of uses and situations that are constantly changing. The modularity of Dieffebi’s products allows for the creation of complete, consistent and efficient solutions with the utmost simplicity, even in difficult or hybrid spaces within the office environment and domestic spaces.
Smart Working

Smart Working

Dieffebi is Smart Working.
The concept of “Smart Working” is the basis for a profound transformation in the office environment, which is taking place through a complex process that cannot be enclosed in generic responses and standardized solutions. New offices are being created from the diffusion of communication and connection tools that enable to work online in any space and time, but also from a cultural and social evolution that identifies, as founding values, freedom, self-realization and harmony between body, mind and environment. Dieffebi is responding to this ongoing revolution with solutions that allow users to choose between various situations, depending on the activity they want to carry out: either alone or in a group, with a design and ergonomics that place the person at the centre of each situation.

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