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News | 20 March 2023

What are the advantages of using metal?

What are the advantages of using metal?
Today, new metal processing technologies allow you to create furnishing accessories that combine practicality with aesthetics.
What are the advantages of using metal?

1) Originality and style: the versatility of the metal allows you to create original shapes and finishes, thanks to the different processes to which it can be subjected

2) Solidity and durability: the metal is resistant to shocks and collisions and allows a considerable durability over time

3) Design and color: metal offers wide possibilities of different shapes and colors, ideal for custom designs

4) Hygiene and cleanliness: this material can be easily cleaned, ensuring the best hygienic conditions in the environment

5) Convenience: thanks to its durability, the replacement cycle decreases

6) Sustainability: Dieffebi uses recycled and recyclable metal

Dieffebi, since its inception in the 1970s, has specialized in metalworking for office, home and community furnishings.

Thanks to the choice of the best materials and constant research in technological innovation, it soon became an international reference point for the production of metal furniture.

What are the advantages of using metal?

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