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News | 01 June 2020

Storytelling starting with one’s own identity

Storytelling starting with one’s own identity
NL | 05 2020

Interview Cesare Chichi 967Arch
NL | 05 2020

They designed the Echo Lockers, Chiave di Volta bookcase and the T-Share table; they have designed the Dieffebi trade fair stands for the last five years and fitted out the showroom in Milan. The 967Arch studio led by Cesare Chichi, studio partner along with Stefano Maestri, is working with Dieffebi staff on evaluating and developing new products as well as the layout for the headquarters in San Vendemiano, in the province of Treviso.
“We are working together,” Chichi tells us, “to give the Company a different image by seeking to disassociate the historic products from a purely office use. Because Dieffebi storage units can be used in all communal settings, from hotels to spas, even in the hospital sector, where there is a need for storage solutions. We are also presenting the products in our catalogue in unusual colours and finishes to demonstrate their versatility.”
One of Dieffebi’s distinctive features is their in-house sheet metal processing, which also makes the products more eco-friendly. “To maintain consistency with the catalogue, it is important to work in this direction by adding furniture able to interact with and complement the storage ranges. This is why in 2019 we created the T-Share modular table featuring a metal strip running along the entire centre of the top, which serves as a magnet around which a series of elements can be arranged to equip or divide up the top. The table is an easily recognizable hallmark and opens the catalogue up to the possibility of creating design products that can interact with and complement the others whilst respecting Dieffebi’s manufacturing characteristics. To this end, there will soon be further collaborations with other designers, in addition to those with Marco Blini and the Hangar Design Group. So we will be working on transitioning from a purely technological company to one with a focus on design through new types of product.”
On redesigning offices post-Covid: “Rather than space, I think what will change initially will be the day-to-day use we make of existing space. In other words, fewer people, arranged differently, in the same open spaces. It’s more a question of numbers, which we will solve by alternating presence in the office with remote work from home. It’s likely that the part to undergo to permanent change will be the reception areas, which need to be reorganised with barriers and entry and exit routes. These could remain in place, as they did in airports after September 11. What instead will change is the situation regarding use of the home. And since ‘agile working’ means in fact enabling people to work at their best in the most suitable place, not only at home but in all areas of the company, we’re looking to work in this direction. This will enable people to work well using the right equipment, for example, ergonomic seats, correct lighting and suitable desks. New types of these products will most likely be developed.”

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